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AlignDance Theatre is a non-profit performing arts company based out of San Antonio/Houston area that strongly focuses on collaborative combinations of multiple art forms: dance, art, music and theatre. The company presents diverse, original and creative choreography using multiple dance genres, art as an inspiration, newly composed and live music, literary works, and live vocalist to enhance and transform movement. Our company’s collaborations are an integral part of our multi- art form productions.

Company Goals

to create new original choreographic works inspired by the process and collaboration between dancer and artist working within an educational institution program or other non-profits. The objective is to enhance skills and methods to integrate within an artists and dancers technique. In addition, a four part modern-ballet work inspired by famous poets works.

Outreach Goals

AlignDance Projects/Outreach Programs are designed to give back to our community and provide a chance to experience movement, see movement and hear movement as a way of communication, freedoms, expression and therapy. Our approach helps individuals recognize personal movement, understand, explore and create new movement patterns . This allows physical and emotional freedom, relief, rejuvenation and enhance their lives.

We are seeking to work with Visual Artists to create DANCEART Collective Collaboration.

Future Projects

Align Dance Theatre is always looking to work with others who have a passion for movement. In the past, we have worked with American Sign Language students and continue to explore the idea of ASL and dance collaboration to create future works.

Contact us if you are interested in an outreach or collaboration. We will come visit you.


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AlignDance Theatre

Due to a healthy proactive response from our FB fans we've decided to re-institute a monthly CONNECT post for everyone. We have been getting requests to post about classes for mature dancers in certain cities/towns, and that's why we originally started our CONNECT "chain." But for some reason or another, people neglected to use the feature. But it's here NOW! So please post if you know of classes in your area(s) for any type of dance that supports the mature dance community or offers a level of classes that would be appropriate. We had started to list them separately, but it's a lot of work for one, non-24/7 administrator! So please post here! ... See MoreSee Less

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AlignDance Theatre
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