Pilates Testimonials

“Wendy is great. I love how she takes the time to show different modifications to our exercises for beginners and advanced.”
– Shandra Leckie,

“My experiences here have been fantastic. Not only have I loved the trainers, but Wendy has been fantastic for me. I have seen MORE improvement with my knee problems doing Pilates with her than when I was seeing a Physical Therapist weekly. I have completely stopped using a PT and use Pilates as my exercise and physical therapy.”
– Jenna Miller, 

“Wendy is an awesome instructor. She CARES about her clients and is very motivational.”
– Angela Armstrong Thomson

“Wendy is awesome and will whip you in shape.”
– Trudy McDade

“Wendy’s classes are seriously amazing and very reasonable… Thanks for the workout Wendy!”
– Vangie Ostera

Dance Testimonials

“Since we live in a rude world where nice things aren’t said enough I am going to tell everyone what I admire most about them! You are such a graceful spirit that isn’t just showcased in your dance moves but in how you connect and reach others!”
– AJ Uecker

“Wendy is great . She pays attendtion to every individual in class. She tries to help us and she believes that we can do it.”
– Marisol Serrano, Modern Dance Class

“I have learned a lot and to admire Wendy. She is beautiful, amazing and wonderful dancer. She really teaches the students.”
– Cindy Gil, Modern Dance Class 

“Wendy uses the statement ‘pull from within’ whether we are warming up or moving across the floor. This is helpful for me as a new dancer because I can see the outlook is graceful, more fluid and effortless.”
– Amy Rivera, Modern Dance Class 

“I enjoyed your mini-class and look forward to more! Lets work on getting you back!”
– Teresa Chapman Dance Professor University of Houston, Master classes

“The inclusion of a sign language interpretor was a most touching addition. The entire performance was moving and beautiful” Keep doing what you do!
– Tery

“Magnificent concert particulary loved the use of live music”
– Heather May

“Thank you so much for being here and doing what you do” More need to know where you are”
– Janet Rivers

Companies Show Testimonials

“Out in its true form. Belongs in New York City”
– Anonymous Audience Member

“Loved the fluidity of dancers movement. I felt each dancers individuality and emotions. Thank you”
– Anna Heichelheim

“Great Show. The dancing was beautiful”
– Caitlin Dorazio

“Loved the choreography. Original compositions were extraordinary”
– William

“I have never exprienced a show like this before and I’m glad I did. Amazing”
– Denise Rodriquez

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