Guest Dance Instruction

Classes for Professional, Collegiate & Intermediate/Advanced Dancers

Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Tap Dance Classes

At Studio Kinetics, dance students learn how to stabilize, control, strengthen their back and core, increase flexibility, turnout, and ballet lines. This program uses resistance bands during barre and center combinations

Infuses Dance and Pilates. Dance conditioning improves a dancer’s technique, stylistic performance, prevents injury in all dance forms by strengthening the body’s core and back muscles while improving coordination, balance, alignment, and optimizing flexibility for a strong, supple body. Strengthens feet, improves aesthetics and prevents injury. See videos below.

A program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon to help students advance in all dance forms by training muscle memory. PBT focuses on core stability, weight placement and alignment.

Students learn the composition of a dance. The elements are manipulated into movement modules of various lengths to compose a dance. Students explore a movement idea by creating a dance movement or selecting steps in some dance genres.

Students go behind the scenes and become a teacher, dancers, visionary, creators, collaborators, and directors. They apply their skills and knowledge of different styles and knowledge of dance to create pieces that perform for each other and audiences.

Students at Studio Kinetics will be introduced to dance physiology, injury prevention, and strengthening exercises for improved posture and technique.

Explore and learn traditional modern or jazz concepts and techniques or learn fusing ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop to learn Contemporary style.

Dance Strength & Conditioning Series Videos

Wendy Ellis’ Restaged Piece “Les Images du temps”
Danced by two beautiful ballet dancers.

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