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Redefine, Reconnect, Reshape Your Body

Pilates Workout at Studio Kinetics

Studio Kinetics is a Pilates Movement Studio utilizing State-of-the-Art Balanced Body Equipment

  • Our studio classes follow the philosophy of Joseph Pilates and are powerful, rejuvenating, and refreshing.
  • Our clientele ranges from the novice, weekend warrior to Professional Athletes – NFL players, Olympic Sprinters, Gymnasts, Baseball Players, Golfers, Physical fitness, injury recovery – anyone interested in improving their overall fitness, health, and well-being
  • Our instructors are highly qualified and will design personal regimes for the clients using Pilates classical, contemporary or rehabilitation approach .
  • We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. You will reshape, change, redefine, improve overall health, bring longevity and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

We offer a variety of Pilates training and fine-tuned targeted therapy to help you achieve your goals.

Pilates at Studio Kinetics will improve your sport, enhance your daily adventures and provide a clear mind.

The body’s structure realigns through regular Pilates sessions, and a balance is achieved within the muscular-skeletal system. Eventually, the body will move with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, maximizing potential and minimum injury.

Pilates Classes at Studio Kinetics



These classes focus on Pilates exercises with a contemporary approach using a variety of props to create more resistance and challenge. You will start improving core strength, flexibility, muscular balance, bone density, heart and lung function, prevent injury, and improve sport/activity performance and mental health.

Happy to announce the studio has an infrared  sauna so many benefits before or after a session

Happy to announce the studio has an infrared sauna so many benefits before or after a session ...

Teaching basics steps for steve to guide his Daughter at her upcoming wedding  #fatherdaughterdance

Teaching basics steps for steve to guide his Daughter at her upcoming wedding #fatherdaughterdance ...

Roni and axel ..

Roni and axel .. ...

LABOR DAY was filled with incredible clients!! Hope your day was amazing

LABOR DAY was filled with incredible clients!! Hope your day was amazing ...

Wendy Ellis

Owner/Professional Dancer/Adjunct Dance Professor/ Certified Pilates Instructor /Movement Specialist

I started my dance career at a young age and continued as a Professional dancer for 30 years, along with a BA and MFA in Dance which lead me to a Advanced Pilates Certification . The passion of what movement does for the body lead me to study additional modalities to enhance and add to my list of certifications. Opening my Pilates/Dance business, Studio Kinetics, allows me to share my knowledge and expertise with clients of all ages and skill levels. My goal is to provide personal mind/body awareness and an understanding of the importance of exercise, proper form, and function to reshape and transform movement patterns for a healthy, injury-free, optimal performance body.

The personal Pilates regimes have facilitated healing for many of my clients recovering from knee and back surgeries/fusions, physical ailments, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, breast cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

I have worked with professional athletes to sustain and improve their optimal performance ~ Olympic Trinidad Athletes, Professional NFL Players (Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texan), Dancers, Gymnasts, and Baseball Players.

I am committed and dedicated to accomplishing goals for anyBODY by designing proper regimes and effective formats. The benefits are to improve movement patterns for achieving proper posture, whole-body strength, conditioning, balance, coordination, and flexibility

Certifications & Education 

  • BA in Dance,University of California Irvine
  • MFA in Theater Arts/Dance University of Arizona School of Dance
  • College Dance Professor (Phoenix, San Jacinto, Northwest Vista, Pima, Irvine Valley)
  • Freelance Choreographer ( CSHS, ADF, PC )
  • Progressive Ballet Technique Certified
  • LBDC Advanced Pilates Certified
  • Pilates Rehabilitation Certified- London College Health Science and Osteopathy
  • Feet-ness Certified
  • Balanced Body Arc Training
  • Buff Bones Certified (a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health)
  • Pound it Rockit workout Certified
  • Intelligent Pilates Bootcamp Certified ( HIIT based format)
  • Fletcher Pilates Towelwork Certified
  • Fletcher Spine Corrector Certified
  • Fletcher Level 1 Licensed
  • PMA
Wendy Ellis Pilates Magazine Feature

Featured May 2022

Wendy Ellis Pilates Magazine Feature

Wendy Ellis Pilates Magazine Feature

Pilates Magazine Feature
January/February 2021

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Dance at Studio Kinetics

Dance Classes

for Professional, Collegiate & Intermediate/Advanced Dancers

At Studio Kinetics, explore and learn traditional modern or jazz concepts and techniques or learn fusing ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop to learn Contemporary style.

  • Ballet Jazz Dance Barre
  • Conditioning

  • Dance Conditioning

  • Anatomy of Dancers & Injury Prevention

  • Progressive Dance Technique
  • Modern and Jazz Techniques to Contemporary

  • Dance Composition

  • Choreography