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Wendy Ellis

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After many years of dance training, professional work with Civic Light Operas, Dance Agents, Dance Companies and Industrials, received my B.A, MFA degrees, also studying different body  Somatics and receiving my Pilates certification I realized my passion in life is the body and movement.

By opening up my new business, Studio Kinetics, this allows me to share knowledge and expertise with others. I want to provide people of all ages to feel good about their bodies, to understand the importance of exercise, with proper form and function. My goal is to give people personal mind/body awareness to reshape and transform movement patterns for a healthy fit body through Pilates, Dance, Barre, Fitness and Reformer/equipment work.

I am committed and dedicated in helping accomplish goals  for any BODY designing personal proper regime and effective group class formats. I work with people who are recovering from knee, back surgeries, to physical ailments, imbalances like scoliosis, fibromyalgia, to Professional Elite Olympic Athletes, dancers and gymnasts.  My instruction will teach you how to move efficiently with proper posture, achieve whole body Strength, Conditioning, balance, coordination and flexibility. The benefits are self confidence, a better sense of well being and quality of life. My greatest satisfaction is to see and help make a change in your life; complete control of your body and balance in your life.



  • University of California Irvine
  • University of Arizona School of Dance
  • Dance Professor
  • LBDC Pilates Certified, Balanced Body Arc Training
  • Intelligent Pilates Bootcamp Training
  • Fletcher Towelwork, Spine Corrector, Level 1 Licensed


Member of:

  • Pilates Method Alliance
  • Houston Pilates Alliance
  • Fusion Pilates
  • Piloxing Instructor Association
  • National Dance Education Organization
  • International Association for Dance Science and Medicine

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