Pilates Day Photos

Our  pictures have been included in Pilates Method Alliance Pilates Day Utube Video.  Check it out..you will see our pictures about 1:22 into the video.  There is a slight mistake they put our location in San Antonio but that doesn’t matter we look good and had fun


Pilates Day is celebrated globally every year the first Saturday of May  in celebration of everything Joseph and Clara Pilates brought to the World. I have always dreamed of holding this Pilates event for my community sharing my passion for dance and the wonderful movement exercise system Pilates brings to body somatic industry, physical therapy, fitness industry, professional athletes and the medical world.   Thank you all for supporting my dream.  If you missed it come the studio to take a Trial Class.

“Everyone is the architect of his own happiness-  Joseph Pilates.

A FUN DAY with everyone!!  Great Door Prizes .

Thank you Pilates Style Magazine!

Tori Hudson- Personal Trainer                             Ryan Wilson – Personal Trainer

Ammi Miller-  Massage Therapist                       for donating PRIZES

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