Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis –

Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis… The importance of Pilates exercises and applying Pilates principles; Breath, Concentration, Center, Control, Flowing Movement, Balance and Precision. I truly believe Pilates can help those who suffer from neurological conditions. Below is the newest edition for those who are interested in this information.

Version 3 of the Pilates for MS and Neuro Conditions textbook is here! More exercises. More info. The same $250 discount for the Pilates for MS course in the U.S. if you buy the book today. Learn how to work with common neurological problems like balance issues, gait problems, spasticity, weakness, and even how to change the way the brain and body communicate. 3-day courses are coming to Boston, Milwaukee, and New Jersey this fall!! Learn more, get the book, or register for a course at http://PilatesforMS.com

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