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Wendy Ellis

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Owner/ Pilates Instructor

Following my undergraduate and graduate dance degrees, I danced for multiple Civic Light Operas, Industrials, TV/Film, represented by BBA Dance Agent, danced for Jazz Spectrum Dance Company and LA Dance Company.  In concert, studied different body somatics which lead me into my comprehensive Pilates Certification finding my life passion teaching Pilates dance and body movement.

Opening my dance/Pilates business, Studio Kinetics, allows me to share my knowledge and expertise with clients of all ages and levels.  My goal is to provide personal mind/body awareness, an understanding the importance of exercise, proper form and function to reshape and transform movement patterns for a healthy, injury free, optimal performance  body.

The personal Pilates regimes have facilitated healing of clients recovering from : knee and back surgeries/fusions, physical ailments , scoliosis, fibromyalgia, pre- breast cancer,  and improving optimal performance of Olympic Trinidad Athletes, Professional NFL players i.e Houston Texan, Arizona Cardinals, dancers, gymnast and baseball players.

I am committed and dedicated to accomplish goals  for any BODY by designing personal proper regime and effective  formats.  The benefits are improving movement patterns for achieving proper posture, whole body strength, conditioning, balance, coordination, and flexibility. My greatest satisfaction is to see and help make a change in your life; self confidence, a better sense of well-being, complete control of your body and balance in your life.



  • University of California Irvine
  • University of Arizona School of Dance
  • College Dance Professor (Phoenix, San Jacinto, Northwest Vista, Pima, Irvine Valley)
  • LBDC Advanced Pilates Certified
  • Balanced Body Arc Training
  • Progressive Ballet Technique Certified
  • Buff Bones Certified ( a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health)
  • Intelligent Pilates Bootcamp Certified ( HIIT based format)
  • Fletcher Towelwork, Spine Corrector, Level 1 Licensed


Member of:

  • Pilates Method Alliance
  • Houston Pilates Alliance
  • Fusion Pilates
  • AZ Dance Education Organization
  • National Dance Education Organization
  • International Association for Dance Science and Medicine

Dance Educator/ Instructor


Dance1Wendy received her Bachelors of Arts in Dance from University of California, Irvine and M.F.A in Dance/Theatre from University or Arizona School of Dance where she studied with renown dance masters and instructors in ballet, modern, jazz and theatre.

Wendy has danced nationally with Regional Dance Companies, TV Networks, Industrials, Civic Light Operas, Theaters and more.  Wendy was a recipient of The Artist Foundation of San Antonio and Department of Creative Cultural Choreography Grant and produced/choreographed a complete show, Envision: An Evening of Arts.  The production included three full dance works and  collaborative works by local community musicians and artists.

Ellis’ commissioned choreography credits include: Cactus Shadow H.S., No Roots,  Phoenix College Productions, Pippin, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Seven Passages at 2013 Luminaria, Local TV aired Press Conference, Insomnia Waves at Houston Festival, Productions at The Playhouse, Allegro Stage Theatre, Northwest Vista College Palmetto Center of the Arts, Classic Theatre, Stevie Eller Theatre and Herberger Theatre.

Wendy was a University of Arizona Foundation Award Recipient for,Quote of the Day, based on Ralph Romero’s young life. She  has received a People Choice Award from the Alamo Theater Arts Council for Cabaret.

Wendy started her dance company, Align Dance Theatre (ADT), which focuses on dance, music and art as one. She continues to work on future ADT projects that inspire young and older generations, provide a creative, multi-genre experience and opportunity for pre to professional dancer/artists.

Wendy was part of Dance Faculties  at San Jacinto College, Northwest Vista College, Assistant Director of NVC Dance Ensemble, Facilitator for Dancer Wellness Project, Dance Steering Committee Member for Luminaria, Dance Faculty and Commercial Dance Committee Member at Irvine Valley College in Orange County, California, She has presented her scholarly research at National Dance Education Organization, “The Application of Pilates in the Dance Technique Class.” Since 2002, Wendy has been a Certified and Licensed Pilates Instructor from LBDC working with renown instructors along with multiple certifications/licensed.

Wendy shares her passion for dance and choreography in the community and  continues her teachings and education.


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