Pilates Testimonials

“Wendy is great. I love how she takes the time to show different modifications to our exercises for beginners and advanced.”
– Shandra Leckie, April 2014

“My experiences here have been fantastic. Not only have I loved the trainers, but Wendy has been fantastic for me. I have seen MORE improvement with my knee problems doing Pilates with her than when I was seeing a Physical Therapist weekly. I have completely stopped using a PT and use Pilates as my exercise and physical therapy.”
– Jenna Miller, April 2014

“Wendy is an awesome instructor. She CARES about her clients and is very motivational.”
– Angela Armstrong Thomson

“Wendy is awesome and will whip you in shape.”
– Trudy McDade

“Wendy’s classes are seriously amazing and very reasonable… Thanks for the workout Wendy!”
– Vangie Ostera

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